2020: the year when we were closer than ever before to our communities

The 2020 Annual Community Relations Report details how the Techint Group companies were able to step up their commitment to their local communities by increasing support during a very difficult time.

It's no secret to anyone that 2020 was a challenging year, with the force of the pandemic laying low economies around the world. Although the budgets of the Techint Group companies were similarly affected, the Group’s community relations structure remained strong, stepping up efforts to offer greater support to the communities where the companies operate with a major emphasis on healthcare and medical supplies. The 2020 Annual Community Relations Report offers an overview of all the actions taken.

“For over 70 years, the Techint Group has been known for its ability to foster close relationships with the communities where it operates,” writes Paolo Rocca in the cover letter to the Techint Group 2020 Community Relations Report. “The COVID-19 pandemic was a major challenge for all of us, but we focused above all on our people, seeking to protect the health of our employees and our communities.”

The total budget invested by the Community Relations department for 2020 came to USD 36.3 million in 19 different countries, supporting local health systems and continuing our education and culture programs.

Of this sum, USD 16.2 million was used to purchase supplies and provide health infrastructure to support local initiatives during the height of the pandemic. Educational and cultural programs were redesigned in line with the new “virtual” context, and nearly USD 15 million were invested in helping 19,000 students and teachers from 55 different communities to benefit from the programs. At the same time, the companies of the Techint Group continued to support cultural activities channeled through the Fundación PROA in Argentina and the Fondazione Dalmine in Italy.

Find out more about what we did, and read the stories in the 2020 Report, available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

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