Together driving the healthcare system

In the context of COVID-19, Tecpetrol continues to support health institutions by donating medical supplies.

From left to rightMaría Laura Mastromauro, Supervisor of Community Relations and Institutional Relations, Nicolás Ochoa, Director of the Anielo Hospital and Alejandro Gaisch, Manager of Labor Relations and Communities.

Tecpetrol is working with local health authorities to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of the Neuquen and Río Negro communities. The company donated over 7 million pesos to the Neuquen provincial Ministry of Health, the Bouquet Roldán Hospital in Neuquen, as well as the public hospitals in the towns of Anielo, Rincon de los Sauces, Senillosa and the town of Catriel in Río Negro.

Health supplies are critical for the healthcare system in the COVID-19 context. On this occasion, 76,000 surgical masks, 2,400 N95 masks, 14,000 hospital gowns, 3,250 liters of ethyl alcohol and 600 boxes of 100 units of latex gloves were donated. Dr. Nicolás Ochoa, the director of the Añelo Public Hospital, pointed out that "these elements are of the utmost importance in our work to continue battling the pandemic and, as these are all disposable items, we need them in large amounts. Thanks to the contributions made by companies such as Tecpetrol, and the Ministry of Health, we had no shortages throughout the pandemic, and we’re very grateful for their ongoing commitment to society as well as to Anielo and our hospital."

At Tecpetrol we are working with six healthcare institutions in Neuquen and Rio Negro.

Shortly after the beginning of the pandemic, Tecpetrol designed and deployed a support scheme to bolster local healthcare systems, surveying local needs to ensure the most efficient response possible. In 2020, the company made an investment of over USD 500,000 to shore up local healthcare infrastructure in the communities living in the cities of Neuquen, Rincon de los Sauces, Catriel, Sauzal Bonito, Plaza Huincul, Anielo and Senillosa. This covered donations of over 60,000 biosafety kits, and vital equipment such as respirators and ICU beds in addition to food support in the form of 700 food parcels. Over these last two years, the company has contributed over USD 600,000 in the provinces of Rio Negro and Neuquen.

For Andrea Vázquez, Director of the Senillosa Hospital, ongoing support in the form of donations of personal protection equipment for her team of medical professionals meant better quality patient care. "We are grateful to the entire health team, the community and also to the companies for their efforts to support the healthcare system," she said. Laura Leiva, Director of the Catriel Hospital agreed that "this donation is vital for us since it allows us to treat our patients properly and ensure our work teams can function safely."

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