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The Merit Awards program recognizes those high school students whose efforts and academic achievements set an example for their community and peers.

The Merit Awards Program, organized by the Fundación Hermanos Agustín y Enrique Rocca Foundation, seeks to reward high school students whose academic performance and efforts are an example of excellence. As of 2021, the program will also take into account the socioeconomic situation of the applicants with a view to encouraging those with the greatest need for economic support to continue studying, as a step towards contributing to equal opportunities.

In order to participate, students must have completed their learning objectives in 2020 and have achieved top academic scores in 2019 (students from technical schools with average scores higher than 9.00 and students from non-technical schools more than 9.50 points). This year, the registration criteria include a monthly income ceiling for the student’s family group, requiring a declarative survey of people’s socioeconomic level to be carried out. Applicants will also have to complete a Grit Test to demonstrate their perseverance and commitment to their development goals, as well as pass a series of mathematics and cognitive skills (logic) tests.

All students at secondary schools in the communities involved in the program or who are children of personnel employed by the Techint Group in Argentina can apply.

The program’s website has been upgraded to include all the steps in the registration process and improve applicant experience at In addition to presenting all the necessary information about the Awards, the website also allows students to register online, upload all the information required for their application, and serves as a consultation space for candidates to keep track of their progress in the selection process.

Applications can be sent in from May 31 until the closing date of July 2.

For further information, write to:

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