Building bridges for the younger generations

For the third year running, Tecpetrol has launched the Puente Program to drive job placement and professional development among young people in Neuquen.

We undertake our social investment programs under the motto, "Helping those who help themselves", as part of our long-term vision of driving community sustainable development. Within the education axis, we are promoting the education, training and professional development of young people in the communities with which we interact.

In June 2021, we launched the third edition of the Puente Program for twenty-two young high school graduates who finished secondary school but still need to pass some subjects, from the towns of Anielo and Rincon de los Sauces in Neuquen.

“The value of this program is that it helps them to develop personal strengths and capabilities that they can apply at university, in the workplace or when creating their own skills-set at this vital stage in their lives. The idea of the Puente Program is to accompany them during this phase so that they can define their life project,” explains Mariana Amoros, Program coordinator.


In-person opportunities were also availableIn this edition, in addition to online meetings, to get first-hand details of the students’ experiences.

The employment market requires job seekers to train constantly, keep up-to-date with the latest communicational, technological and emotional skills required for better teamwork, and develop a positive leadership attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit. The Puente Program was designed to provide personalized support in conjunction with the University of Flores (UFLO) through seven training modules taken for five months on a virtual campus, with synchronous and asynchronous activities and face-to-face meetings.

Silvia Mainou, Director of the University Center for Teacher Training, Education and Work at the UFLO, highlights that “the program has two pillars; developing the skills and specific training to insert young people into the workplace, and, on the other hand, helping them to set themselves the goal of not only entering the world of work but also continuing to study and train throughout their lives. Continuous training is a key part of the Program’s objectives.”

At Tecpetrol, we are convinced that knowledge is the basis for sustainable development. This is why we set up the Puente Program together with the provincial Ministry of Education and launched the invitation for participants attending schools in Anielo and Rincon de los Sauces. In fact, Leonel Barrera, one of the participants, says that it was thanks to his friends and teachers that he felt motivated to continue learning and not settle for a secondary school leaving certificate.

Zaira Fernández, also from the town of Rincon de los Sauces, pointed out that: "These workshops helped me a lot when I went to job interviews, and thank God I’ve been able to get one."

In November, these young people will finish studying the Program whose commitment is to accompany them to take that great step towards building their future.

Facts and figures: Puente 2021 Program

  • 22 participants
  • 360 hours of online training
  • 4 months of training (June - November)
  • 7 training modules: Introduction to the world of work - Reading, writing and speaking practices - Foreign language Technical English - Pedagogical, vocational and occupational orientation - Virtual Tools and Office Package - Accounting Administration - Occupational Health and Safety - EPP

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