New renewable energy project for Techint E&C

Techint E&C is carrying out a study to analyze a biomass plant in the province of Corrientes, Argentina.

The issue of renewable energy is an area of significant interest for Techint E&C, borne out most recently by the award of a contract to study the Garruchos power plant managed by the FRESA company, in the locality of Gobernador Virasoro, in the province of Corrientes in Argentina.

Techint E&C was selected thanks to its experience in calculating and designing biomass plants that use specific steam-producing boilers to generate electricity through a steam turbine.

The purpose of the study is to come up with an analysis and subsequent diagnosis of current operations at the plant prior to evaluating options for optimization that will help to enhance energy production.

The Techint E&C engineering teams in Seville and Buenos Aires will work together on this study, carrying out thermodynamic simulations and checking all the routines followed by the different processes making up the plant, such as its main cooling system or biomass transport.

Alberto Molinero, Techint E&C Power Manager, noted that “It’s essential for customers, partners, and suppliers to perceive Techint as a company with global energy know-how and an innovative approach. The effort and creativity of its professionals mean that we are steadily becoming a more technologically diverse, more sustainable, and greener company.”

What is biomass

Biomass is defined as renewable organic material used to produce fuel or heat. This includes the biodegradable fraction of products, residues, and biological waste from agricultural activities, as well as that of industrial and municipal waste of biological origin.

As organic matter is used as an energy source, it is a renewable fuel that is neutral in terms of CO2 emissions, able to play a fundamental role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Hernan Milberg, Project Offer Manager, explained that “this study positions Techint E&C as a reliable engineering supplier for energy transition projects, particularly in the biomass sector, in a world that has, for the last two years, been investing increasing amounts of resources into ways of reducing carbon emissions.”

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