Steel production with green hydrogen at Dalmine plant

The “Dalmine Zero Emissions” project will be the first industrial-scale application of hydrogen in Italy to decarbonize the steel sector. Techint E&C is participating as Owner Engineer and prepared the feasibility study.

On January 11, 2021, Tenaris, Edison, and Snam signed a letter of intent to launch a project called “Dalmine Zero Emissions” to decarbonize Tenaris's seamless tube plant in Dalmine, Italy, by introducing green hydrogen into specific production processes. This would be the first application of green hydrogen on an industrial scale in the Italian steel sector.

The companies will be working to identify and implement the most appropriate solutions to produce, distribute and use green hydrogen at the Tenaris plant, contributing their skills to invest in the best technologies currently available. The main objectives are the decarbonization of the Dalmine plant and the first large-scale use of hydrogen in the production of steel in an electric furnace.

The first phase of the project seeks to generate hydrogen and oxygen through a 20 MW electrolyzer that will be installed at the Dalmine plant, enabling the use of hydrogen to replace natural gas currently used in the Electric Arc Furnace. This first industrial application deployment also envisages the construction of a storage facility to accumulate hydrogen at high pressure and to deploy oxygen produced locally by electrolysis into the plant network.

Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris Europe and CEO of TenarisDalmine, said: “The 'Dalmine Zero Emissions' project is the latest initiative launched by Tenaris in Italy to improve our environmental footprint. It comes after successive investments in projects to improve air quality and energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of raw materials and increasing the content of recycled material in our products as well as improving and reusing by-products. The 'Dalmine Zero Emissions project' is an opportunity for us to work with qualified partners to initiate the energy transition process for the Dalmine plant, placing ourselves at the forefront of sustainability in the steel sector.”

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